ECO-S Scraping Filter

ECO-S Scraping Filter

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ECO-S Scraping Self-cleaning Filter

Product Introduction

ECO-S series self-cleaning filter (ECO-S Filter for short), is the high efficiency scraping self-cleaning filter removing the impurities particles on the filter element outside by mechanical scraping, it continuously filters on-line. ECO-S filter is designed for fine and accurate filtration ranging from 50-1500 micron. It can avoids extruding and breaking the impurities and is capable of the filtration for water and liquids viscosity up to 800,000cps.

Working Principle

l The liquid enters the filter from the inlet, flows through the filter element from outside to inside. The filter element bottom is connected to the outlet, through which the liquid flows out. After the filter element captures the impurities, the cleaning action is trigger by the preset time or differential pressure value.

l The air cylinder drives the scraping blades to move up and down,remove the impurities on the filter element outside surface. The impurities moves off along the blades and falls down to the filter bottom. The rotating plates push the gravity impurities into the collection chamber. The impurities are collected at the filter bottom and in the collection chamber.

l The discharging valve open per the preset time and discharging the waste liquid with high impurity concentration through the drain outlet, the purged liquid can be reclaimed if necessary.


Technical Features and Advantages

l Automatic 24-hour on-line filtration, no frequent changing out and cleaning

l No disposable filter media consumption, save filter media cost and environment cost
Stainless steel scraping blade, good impurity removing performance

l Top quality V-SLOT filter element, accurate slots, extremely smooth, easy to scrap
Very low pressure drop, stable flow rate, save energy consumption

l Close filtration, no dangerous liquid leakage, good for safe production

l Discharge waste liquid with high impurity concentration, avoid valuable liquid loss
Equipped with world-famous gear motor, high reliability and long service life


l Applicable industries: Water treatment,pulp and paper, petro-chemical,bio-pharmaceutical, coatings, inks,oil refinery, food and beverage

l Typical applicable liquid:Wax,coal oil, monomer,polyer,water,citric acid, fermentation broth, protein,soap,wet end additive, coating ink,adhesive,rubber,ethanol,chocolate, confectionary, juice, coolant,etc.

Machine model


water and and viscous liquids (< 800000cps), impurity < 1000ppm
Air Supply
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