LWL Screen decanter

LWL Screen decanter

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LWL Screen filtration centrifuge

Product introduction

LWL series horizontal spiral/screen filter centrifuge is a horizontal, continuous working, spiral continuous discharge filter centrifuge. It has the advantages of high rotation speed, strong separation ability, large production capacity, low energy consumption, high solid phase dehydration rate, good washing effect, high separation efficiency, compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

Product Usage

It is mainly used for the separation and dehydration of liquid-solid two-phase suspensions with solid particle diameters ranging from 0.05 to 10 mm. It is widely used in chemical, food, light industry, chemical fiber, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and light industry sectors.

Working principle


Product model


Solid-liquid separation, particle size fractionation, liquid phase clarification and sludge dewatering for various suspensions
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