LW Horizontal decanter

LW Horizontal decanter

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LW Horizontal decanter centrifuge

Product introduction

LW series screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge is a horizontal type, which utilizes the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the suspension efficiently and continuously. It not only has high rotation speed, strong separation ability, large production capacity, low energy consumption, but also capable of solid-liquid separation of various suspensions with large differences in physical properties.

Product Application

It is suitable for solid-liquid separation, particle size fractionation,liquid phase clarification and sludge dewatering of various suspensions in various industrial sectors. It is widely used in the separation of suspensions with solid phase particle size of 0.005~5 mm and volume concentration of 1~40%. It is especially suitable for the condition of difficult liquid-solid separation with small solid particle size and small solid-liquid two-phase density difference (solid-liquid specific gravity difference > O .05),  can also be used for liquid-liquid two-phase or liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation, so it has been widely used in modern industrial processes, widely used In the chemical, food, light industry, paper, mining and other industrial sectors.

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Solid-liquid separation, particle size fractionation, liquid phase clarification and sludge dewatering for various suspensions
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