1+2 Servo Flat Mask Making Machine

1+2 Servo Flat Mask Making Machine

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ECO16 Flat Mask Production Machine (1+2, Servo type)

General Introduction

Equipment introduction

The full-automatic disposal mask production system is a fully-automatic machine composed of a set of flat mask high-speed mask body making machine and two sets of full-servo outer ear band welding machines using 1+2 connection conveying method. The production system uses ultrasonic technology , Bond 3 to 5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, insert the nose bridge and cut the mask body, and then use ultrasonic technology to weld the ear loop to the mask body . This system is a highly efficient and highly practical model.

The flat mask high-speed mask body making machine is mainly composed of a multi-layer material feeding mechanism, a fold forming mechanism, a nose bridge feeding mechanism, an ultrasonic welding die-cutting mechanism and other mechanisms, which can automatically complete the functions of automatically adding the nose bridge and body forming of the mask.

1+2 mask body feeder is composed of channel separation mechanism, far and near end conveying mechanism, and automatically determines the function of starting and stopping conveying through the sensor.

The full-servo outer ear loop welding machine is mainly composed of a mask conveyor belt, an ear loop pulling mechanism, an ultrasonic welding mechanism, a mask receiving mechanism etc., which can automatically complete the functions of automatic welding ear loop and other functions.

The 1+2 disposable mask production system: simple and easy to use, stable and reliable, with good versatility, compatibility, and cost performance. It can only produce disposable flat masks, not N95 and three-dimensional masks. Whether the mask is medical is not related to the machine. As long as the mask is sterilized, the mask produced by this equipment can be used for surgical masks.

1.2 Equipment characteristics

Raw material mechanical brake control material tension control, high stability and low failure rate.

The product output has an automatic counting function to facilitate the output statistics.

It can produce 2-5 layers of masks and automatically weld the ear loops at both ends.

Computer program control, extremely high output and high reliability. The products are exquisitely made and the quality fully meets or exceeds the detection standard.

Production flow chart

Technical Parameters

Model Number: ECO16

Machine size: about 6600(L)*3500(W)*2000(H)mm

Power and voltage: single phase,220V/50 or 60 Hz

Installed power: about 25KW

Compressed air: 0.6~0.8 MPa

Capacity:160 pcs/min

Mask type: Outer ear loop medical mask without edge folding on both wide sides.

Suitable mask specifications: 2/3/4 layer non-woven flat mask

Mask size: 95x175 mm as the following pictures


IV. Machine drawing

4.1   Each machine

4.2 Layout drawing (finished product conveyor is included but not indicated in the following drawing)

4.2 3D Layout (finished product conveyor is included but not indicated in the following drawing)

V. Material List for Mask production

Material name
Weight (g/m2)
Width (mm)
Length (m/roll)
OD of material roll (mm)
ID of core roll (inch)
SS non-woven dark color( outer layer)-SBPP
White or dark color(green, blue, black, etc.)
180 or 200
about 2200m
Each slice:175MM;                        Single chip weight 0.875g
White melt-blown non-woven fabric-filter layer(middle layer)-MBPP
20-22(civil use)            25-30 (surgical use)
about 1500m
Each slice:175MM;Single chip weight 0.693g;The filter index is 90%, 95%, 99.99%. Materials can be selected according to the production requirements of the company. The width of 175MM can also be used
SS non-woven inner layer)-SBPP
White or light
20 or 25
200 or 210
about 2200m
Each slice:175MM;Single chip weight 0.91875g
Nose bridge

width:3.0-4.0mm; thickness:0.8mm
Plastic or iron, it is recommended to use plastic with iron wire. Lenth>8cm

Elastic ear-band
about 0.85g/m
Polyester silk , High elastic spandex with 6 needles,Diameter 2.0-2.5mm
Each slice is cut 300MM( Single side 150MM * 2 side = 300MM)


The seller reserve the right to modify above technical specification, component brand   and overall appearance for upgrading the equipment and ensuring the delivery time without prior notice to buyers. The details shall be subject to the actual delivery.

medical mask or surgical mask
≧160  pcs/min
about 25KW
AC 220V/380V  50/60Hz±10%
Air Supply
0.5~0.7 MPa
Overall size
about 6600(L)*3500(W)*2000(H)mm